Tree Trimming

Big or small, young or old, we have the experience and expertise to keep your trees healthy and looking their best.

Trimming Young Trees

For younger trees, as well as certain small flowering and fruit trees, we concentrate on corrective pruning and thinning of live branches to improve the branch structure as well as to enhance the overall beauty of the tree. Arbor Pro Tree Service looks for opportunities to correct poorly attached branches, twin trunks, and other structural problems through early pruning.

Trimming Mature Trees

For most mature trees, pruning is usually limited to the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches in order to maintain and improve the health and aesthetic appearance of the tree. Pruning mature trees also reduces the risk from dead or weak branches, which might otherwise fall and damage persons or property.

In some situations, Arbor Pro will thin live branches from mature trees to improve the appearance of the tree or to improve light penetration to a yard below or to reduce branch weight. It is also common for us to prune low branches to increase the clearance of a tree over walkways or buildings.

Tree Pruning & Care

Proper pruning can improve the overall health, structure, and aesthetics of trees. Our arborists can help your trees reach their full potential. Our pruning services include:

  • Removal of dead, diseased, or hazardous branches
  • Clearance for vehicles, pedestrians, buildings, and overhead lines
  • Thinning for increased light and air penetration
  • Structural pruning for reduced likelihoods of failure
  • Restorative pruning
  • Fruit tree pruning
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