Stump Removal

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After a tree is removed or falls unexpectedly, the stump remains. Getting rid of an unsightly tree stump can be done through several methods, but the two most common methods are stump removal or stump grinding.

What is the best method to removing a tree stump? The answer depends on the size of the stump, the amount you are willing to spend on it, and how long you want to wait to get rid of the stump.

Stump Removal

Stump removal can involve two methods: physical tree stump removal, chemical removal, or stump decomposition.

Removing a tree stump physically while it is intact generally includes a lot of manual labor.

Depending on the tree stump’s size and age, stump removal may involve digging and chopping roots and a truck or similar vehicle to pull the tree stump from the ground.

Once you have removed the tree stump, the hole left behind must be filled for aesthetic and safety reasons and the stump disposed in a safe way. Stumps usually have to be cut up into pieces and either hauled, chipped, or burned because most city trash services will not pick them up as part of yard waste.

Stump Grinding

Unlike the stump removal methods above, stump grinding offers many benefits to getting rid of a stump, such as:

  • Faster process – the visible portion of the stump is gone within an hour or two of the labor beginning
  • Less labor intensive
  • Less expensive than other stump removal methods
  • A larger hole is not left behind after the stump is gone
  • No waste – the wood chips left behind after the stump is removed can be used as mulch
  • No chemicals or residue
  • No burning needed

Unlike other stump removal methods, stump grinding removes the stump four inches or more below the soil line and allows the subsoil portion to decompose on its own. Soil and wood chips fill in the portion where the stump occupied above and at the soil line, avoiding the need to add large amounts of soil where a stump used to be.

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