Halloween tree decorations

Do you love decorating for Halloween? Do you spend all your free time in the month of October making your yard the spookiest property on the block? While it’s fine to keep your traditions of hanging cobwebs and lighting jack o lanterns, it’s important to keep the health of your trees in mind as you decorate. After all, your trees, shrubs and landscaping plants will be a part of your décor year around, season after season. There’s no reason to risk damaging your favorite crepe myrtle when a little expert advice can help you prepare for the holiday without stressing or harming your trees. At Arbor Pro, we provide premium commercial and residential tree service in the Tampa Bay area.

Can Halloween Decorations Harm Your Tree?

Many people love decorating their trees and bushes with fun and scary Halloween decorations, but whether you’re nailing bats to the limbs of your Oak tree, or drilling creepy faces into its bark, attaching items to your tree can cause serious injury. Vital nutrients are taken from the ground to the crown’s leaves, flowers, and fruit via channels that sit beneath the bark. Drilling through these vascular highways can interrupt the flow of important vitamins and minerals needed to maintain proper growth. In addition, the wounds that are left behind can form scars that collect water, attract insects, and invite harmful diseases and bacteria. If this scarification continues year after year, then it’s only a matter of time before the trees in your yard start to suffer or die off. Leaving your trees in such a state could not only lead to the need for a tree removal, but could leave you vulnerable to property damage or personal injury if the tree falls.

How to Avoid Tree Care Problems when Decorating for Holidays

The best way to avoid tree care problems is to stop using nails and screws to attach decorations. However, even hanging items from strings can lead to girdling and awkward growth if the strings are not removed immediately after use. Hanging heavy items or leaving ropes wound around branches or tree trunks could create more severe problems. If you do use strings to tie decorations onto the tree, be sure to cut them off as soon as possible. Lights strung in or around trees need to be properly monitored to avoid electrical and fire hazards. Consider using stakes in the ground, at a safe distance from root systems, to hang decorative items in your yard.

Ways to Fix Tree Damage from Previous Decorations

Have you noticed that your tree has already suffered damage due to last year’s Halloween or Christmas decorations? Don’t hesitate: act now to avoid further degradation. A licensed arborist can provide a tree risk assessment and inspect the tree for signs of fungal growth, bacterial infections, plant diseases, hollowing, or insect infiltrations. If the damaged areas do display these problems, the arborist will have the tools and experience to effectively treat the issue. Otherwise, you may have to invest in a tree removal to avoid property damage, injury, or the spread of pests and infections to nearby healthy trees and plants.

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